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In the world of online gaming, a new game is going to make its move in no time. A brand new Battle Royale ANAREA early access is now available on Steam for 499RS INR in the Alpha stage. However, the game will be free to play at full release beta. The release date is somewhere in December 2020. The game is developed by AXC Games indie studio.

Yes ANAREA Battle Royale is a name of game that will soon come between us, actually at present the game is in its alpha stage, by its name it is clear that this is a game based on a fighting theme. [Fighting theme games are characterized by close combat between two fighters or groups of fighters of comparable strength, often broken into rounds. If multiple players are involved, players generally fight against each other.]

ANAREA Battle Royale releases a new update 0.1.5 for users this update on the alpha stage and the company will release the beta in December 2020.

ANAREA Update 0.1.5 (alpha)

In this update we continue the work with the new lighting system that was released in the previous patch, this patch also aims to improve the overall performance. The player’s feedback was not forgotten, so we are adding a few things in response.


  • Anti-head glitch system
  • Camera side swap is now available

Map & Lighting

  • New Point of Interest (The lake)
  • Radically improved the lake level design, loot distribution, and skill crates
  • Added new player spawns to the lake
  • Significantly improved overall reflections of the map
  • Improved lighting system related to Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion, light temperature, shadow amount, volumetric, dual and directional in scattering fog and source angle
  • Fixed duplicated skill crates in Prison

Optimization & Graphical Settings

  • Improved in-game optimization pipeline related to (un)loading, (un)drawn objects policy, and objects details reducing over distance of the entire map
  • Increased objects streaming efficiency
  • Optimized the objects instancing of Secondary Points of interest such as: SurvivalCamps, RoadBlocks, Trains, etc…
  • Decreased overall micro stutters & FPS drops / hitches
  • Optimized Auto-Exposure Metering Mode
  • Entirely optimized all the ShadowQuality graphical settings states
  • Optimized SSAO radius scale based on its level for all PostProcessQuality settings states
  • Decreased TAA samples in Low PostProcessQuality & AntiAliasing
  • Decreased BloomQuality in Low PostProcessQuality
  • Radically improved Visual Effects Graphical Settings:
    • Low: Disabled Volumetric Fog, Global Illumination and Lighting Function in Low Visual Effects
    • Medium (compared to low): Enabled Volumetric Fog
    • High & Incredible (compared to medium): Enabled Global Illumination

If we see, we already have many such games which are based on the fighting theme(battle) but what’s new in ANAREA Battle Royale, let’s check it out-


ANAREA is a fast-paced Third Person Shooter Battle Royale Arcady game aiming to be dynamic and competitive. Somewhere it is inspired by PUBG (PlayersUnkonwnBattleGround ), or in other words- it is a combination of different online games that has the same thrilling tactics based on fighting theme like- PUBG, Fortnite, etc.

ANAREA Battle Royale is an arcade game with the quick and smooth movements and physically accurate shooting mechanics which makes ANAREA an interesting, challenging, and hard game to master, pushing the players to always improve. It’s core mechanics, visual features, gaming tactics, etc increases possibilities and make each game different.

It is a 60 Player fast-paced Third Person Battle Royale game set in Nera Island. The Players will spawn randomly on the map. the Map is small compared to other Battle Royale maps. As the Map is small you will also hear gunshots as soon as there are any fights going on. As per devs, you can expect aggressive and skilled gameplay on this map.

There will be various game modes including Training ground, solo, Duo, and squads.


  • Combat Passives (Items you can activate to gain special skills)
  • Health (You will have 100 health and 50 Shield, a total of 150 health)
  • Instant Death (No Knockdown)
  • 3 Sniper (Which will spawn on the ground.)
  • No Prone
  • Free Look
  • No Snakes
  • No vehicle

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