Character Jai (Hrithik Roshan) On Free Fire: Skill and details

There is a wide variety of characters in Free Fire that players can unlock. Each character, except Adan and Even, has a unique ability that can be used on the battlefield. Developers often add a new character and pet to each major update, and this has led to the introduction of more than 30 of them so far.

Players from India should meet Hrithik Roshan, who is one of the biggest stars in the Indian film industry. The developers of Garena Free Fire recently announced a collaboration with the actor and created a new character – Jai, based on him.

Character Jai On Free Fire: Skill and details

Jai is not the first character based on a real-life personality. Other characters like Jota, Alok, and Luqueta are also based on real-life people. The character initially leaked in July, and fans were eagerly awaiting his entry into the game.

His description in the game is: ” Jai is a renowned SWAT agent “.

—-> Jai’s ability is called Furious Reload, which automatically reloads the weapon’s magazine at 10% of its maximum capacity after taking down an opponent. As the level increases, the skill also increases. At the maximum level, it automatically refills the cartridge by 25%.

—–> Players should note that the skill is only applicable to three types of weapons: Pistols, ARs and SMGs. However, users are still unable to purchase a new character.

—–> Like all the other characters in the game, there is a unique character luxury package for Jai as well. Soon, players will be able to purchase the ” SWAT agent set “.

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