Groot Awakening Challenges in Fortnite: Chance to Awake Groot’s Friend Rocket Raccoon

In Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 4, Fortnite all focused around Marvel superheroes and the Nexus war. And if we are talking about Marvel Superheroes which can’t forget Groot and his friend Rocket Raccoon from The Guardian of Galaxy. 

Fortnite recently introduced the Groot Awakening Challenges, in which they want a moment from players to think about “how they symbolize friendship?” and “what friendship means to them?”  

In these Challenges Fortnite allows players to unlock Groot’s friend, Rocket Raccoon, Groot is one of the only characters who can stand up to Rocket, and who can call him out on his behavior, something which the angry talking raccoon desperately needed.

Rocket Racoon and Groot work almost exclusively as a pair, with Rocket being one of the only people who can understand Groot’s unique form of communication.

Also allows players to unlock cool new accessories and emotes for your favorite Marvel Character skins. For this, all you have to do is find out “Where the Friendship Monument location is?”

Table content:

  • Requirements for completion of Challenges 
  • Location of friendship monument

Requirements for completion of Challenges 

In order to participate in the Groot Awakening Challenges the only requirement is the Groot skin in Fortnite (due to their deep friendship Groot is likely chosen for this challenge) and that you have leveled up your battle pass enough to have unlocked awakening challenges as well.

Location of friendship monument

After fulfillment of the requirement, make your way to the small forested area immediately northwest of Sweaty Sands. You want to look for a small spot with two large oak trees and two smaller birch trees with brilliant orange leaves. In the small clearing between them should be two figures, one constructed out of metal pipes and one from stacks of hay. Together, these two make up the Fortnite Friendship Monument.

Get close to the spot, then use Groot’s unique emote to complete your Groot Awakening Challenge and unlock a friend of your own, Rocket Racoon.

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