New Leaks Free Fire OB24 Update Patch: Check it out

Welcome the new Free Fire patch update that won’t be long, It increases our curiosity that “What will be next?”, Free Fire seems to be presenting New Spawn Island, A new feature: jump higher with the help of teammates, series of buffs and nerves on weapons and attachments, etc.

Free Fire always provides new experiences to its players, Free Fire every time brings something new and exciting to entertain their players and also tries to make their gameplay more adventurous.  

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And soon, Free Fire will enter a new update patch. This means that there will be various new updates coming to Free Fire which are of course interesting, For the September/2020 update, which will bring the new OB24 version, several new features are already confirmed, such as:

  • New Character Sverr
  • New Character Diana
  • New ParaFal Weapon
  • New Weapon M21 Carapina
  • Changes to P90, M14, and Plasma  weapons

Some other Free Fire Update Patch Leaks:

  • Series of  buffs and nerves on weapons and attachments
  • New Spawn Island
  • A new Jump high Feature

Series of  buffs and nerves on weapons and attachments:

Kar98k – Biometric Scope

  • Buff: No buffs
  • Nerf: Sniping Range reduced by 40%

 Plasma Gun

  • Buff: Shot precision 4> 6
  • Nerf: Spray when walking is reduced by 11%


  • Buff: No buffs
  • Nerf: Rate of Fire reduced by 11%


  • Buff: Base damage from 58 increased to 59
  • Nerf: Minimum damage from 30 reduced to 25
  • M14 is the one that feels the most to get a reduction.

New Spawn Island:

Waiting area or so-called spawn island, The lobby has got a complete overhaul once more, this time Free Fire is Presenting an atmosphere like a cool esports tournament, in which Spawn Island seems to be welcoming the FFCS 2020 tournament which will be held all over the world divided into several tournaments.

A new Jump high Feature:

The developers confirmed yet another new feature “Team Boost” (Jump higher with help from friends)

Team Boost is a feature that makes players jump higher with the help of friends. Popularly called “little foot“. With these players will be able to easily reach walls and low buildings etc.

To use this you need to ask your friend to bend down and jump on top of him, the second jump will be even higher. 



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