These 3 New Money Heist Events Unlocked In Free Fire

Recently Garena reveals September Multiple Events Roadmap whose theme was based around ‘Money Heist’. As we all know Garena Free Fire Collaborated with the Netflix series Money Heist: La casa de Papel, (“The House of Paper”) is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina.

The pairing with Money Heist: La casa de Papel is a fascinating one as this includes a bunch of challenges, adventures and missions through which players can earn rewards. Continue to this Garena were unlocked three new events on Saturday in the collaboration between Free Fire and Money Heist.


Free Fire and Money Heist collaboration began on September 6, now its time to discover our three new events within the game which are as follows:



The new diamond exchange event will have as great rewards as the Plan Bermuda outfits. Available in the game, you can exchange diamonds for ” Called ” (1 Call- 49 Diamonds, 5 Call- 199 Diamonds) You can also use a “Luck Boost” that will improve the percentage of chances to get the jackpot.

In the calls you can get the following rewards:

  • Bermuda Plan (Suit)
  • Grand Prize Pan Grand Heist
  • Wine and Blood Suit
  • Package Space Soldier
  • Package Summer Look
  • Inflatable Dance
  • Backpack Yin Yang
  • Oink Oink
  • Table Surfing for the Stars
  • Granada Happy Holidays
  • Various Boxes


Time to print money, through which you will receive rewards depending on how much money you print. The money will be printed by the hour, and you can increase its printing speed by doing some daily missions and extra missions which are as follows-

Print Money Daily missions:

By completing this you can increase your printing speed.

  • Cause 2000 Damage (0/2000)
  • Top 10 in Battle Royale (0/1)
  • Eliminate 5 enemies (0/5)
  • Login (0/1)
  • Play 3 games (0/3)
  • Assist your friends (0/5 )

Print Money Extra missions:

You will find fuel canisters in your games. The drums that you obtain will serve to increase the speed of ticket printing.

The rewards that you can exchange are the following:

  • 200,000 Tickets – Gold Royale Ticket x3
  • 400,000 Tickets – Armas Royale Ticket
  • 600,000 Tickets – Diamond Royale Ticket
  • 800,000 Tickets – Grand
  • Heist Table 1,000,000 Tickets –  AN94( Bermuda Plan)


Its basically a log-in reward, The new Login event will give you rewards for entering the game up to eight days within the mentioned period. 

The rewards will be the following:

  • 1 Day Treasure Card x7 days
  • 3 Days Ticket Printer x3 (Gifts for Home Island)
  • 5 Days Bermuda Plan Backpack
  • 8 Days Police Package



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