POCO Launcher 3.0 based on MIUI 12: Latest News Release date and Features

Lately, when it comes to POCOPHONE we are talking about the new device that will be announced tomorrow POCO X3, the first of the X series to also arrive in Europe. In fact, the X2 has always been exclusive to the Indian market. But when it comes to the brand, even non-lovers of its smartphones know the homonymous launcher. We are currently at version 2.0 but apparently the POCO Launcher 3.0 is under development and as obvious it will be based and optimized on MIUI 12. We found a video that shows us a preview of some details.

Poco Launcher 3.0 News

A video shows us a preview of the POCO Launcher 3.0: the evolution of the current proprietary launcher but based and optimized on MIUI 12.

Poco Launcher 3.0 based on MiUi 12 is currently on developmental stage and is expected to release in Q4 of 2020. Here’s a sample. from PocoPhones

Through social Reddit, we became aware of this really unexpected news. It would really take a refresh to the brand’s system launcher so much so that users have clamored for an update. The company listens but is quite slow to release. However, it seems that starting from the Q4 period, therefore the very last months of the year, the POCO Launcher 3.0 will be released. Based on our findings, it is currently in beta testing. Here is a little taste.



Poco Launcher 3.0 Features

The more experienced will surely grasp the differences with version 2.0. According to the source, and based on what we see, the changes will be basically four:

  • Gesture to extract the control center;
  • Navigation bar;
  • Fullscreen gestures 3.0;
  • New process manager.

Poco Launcher 3.0 Release Date

However, many complain that the news is not only so evident and not even so many. It must be said, in defense of the developers, that as far as we know the launcher in question has just entered the beta test phase. This means that there is time until October (probably) to fix things and make them a little different from version 2.0. As far as we know, the POCO Launcher is one of the most loved, even more than that of the MIUI system. We will see what the developers will be capable of.

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