PUBG Mobile: How to Deactivate Group Photos in 0.19.0 update

Tencent Games continues to add new features to PUBG Mobile to enhance the player experience. PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update Notes Patch introduces ‘Spark The Flame’ which is available in the Erangel and Miramar maps in Classic Mode. Sometime after the update, they also introduced a small update called “group photo” and many players were not happy with the placement of this button.

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The reason is that this feature is so close to the shoot button that PUBG Mobile players complain about this feature because it can interfere with the game.

Tencent hasn’t introduced a way to disable this feature. However, the PUBG Mobile group photo feature will appear when the player is close to a teammate, near one of the tents or statues in Spark The Flame game mode, and in the initial spawn area before the game starts.

PUBG Mobile: How to Deactivate Group Photos

There is a way to deactivate the PUBG Mobile group photo by standing a few meters away from teammates when playing in Spark The Flame mode so that the PUBG Mobile group photo feature will not appear on the spinners screen.

This also applies to statues and tents so the spinners must stand some distance away if you don’t want the PUBG Mobile group photo to appear on the screen or if you really want to go to the tent to do the looting then do it quickly so that when there are enemies, spinners can avoid mistakes squeeze and shoot group photo.

Hopefully, Tencent Games will listen to complaints from their players and give them the option to disable this feature.



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