[Features] PUBG Mobile: New Library Map and Gun Game Mode

PUBG Mobile has been released the latest and greatest update 0.19.0. This update brings many new features such as new cheer park, Livik maps, and much more. In this new update, we get to see performance optimization of the upcoming Ancient Secret Mode and the new Library Map for Gun Game mode which improves the overall gameplay quality.

PUBG Mobile New Library Map and Gun Game Mode: Features

Finally, the Library Gun Game has been added to PUBG Mobile. It is now accessible for every player of PUBG Mobile. You can experience & access this mode every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Library Gun Game is a 4v4 match. The starting weapons are the same for your team and opponents but that can be upgraded by defeating opponents. Whenever you kill your enemies your gun gets upgraded each time.

A team needs to get 18 kills to win and their weapons change after every kill. The team that kills the enemy with the pan, which is the last weapon, wins the game. In case none of the teams manage to do so within the stipulated time, then the team with the highest score wins the match.


Talking about my experience it was good. This new mode brings some new challenges and in the end, it will surely improve our reflexes in the gunfight. I liked the concept of this mode, that Whenever you kill your enemies your gun gets upgraded each time. But killing the last enemy from the pan is a bit hard because you know we are not use to killing an enemy from a pan 😅. Rest I liked this new mode because for me it was something new and refreshing.

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Important Note: A new ancient, secret-themed gameplay will be made available on the 4th of August. This new mode will bring new features to the game itself. Players can choose if they want to play the ancient secrets mode in the Erangel and the Miramar maps.



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