What’s New? Fortnite V14.10 Patch Notes: Check Details Here

Fortnite, the most popular game played all over the world rolled out his v14.10 patch notes which heat-up The Nexus War with its new additions. Previously Fortnite introduced Chapter 2 Season 4, all focused around Marvel superheroes. From including favorites such as Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Groot, and several others.

Fortnite every time brings something new and exciting to entertain their players and also tries to make their gameplay more adventurous. And now for this Fortnite brought update 14.10 which is the first biggest update for Fortnite chapter 2 Season 4. This update brought several significant changes as the patch size for PC is also larger than normal this time.

The Patch Notes for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 include several new exciting additions:

  • The Stark Industries Update
  • Bug Fixes in Fortnite Creative- V14..10
  • Save the world- Homebase Status Report
  • Item Shop Design Test

1. The Stark Industries Update: Welcome to Stark Industries.

Tony Stark’s Stark Industries is available in-game. You can also explore the R & D lab and the Battle Bus Chop Shop. The Stark Industries update includes new exciting abilities, ranging from Thor’s Mjolnir strike to Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets. Drones from Galactus’ realm will descend upon the Fortnite island. Claim exciting rewards on destroying these ‘Gatherer Drones’

The full list of new additions to the game include:

  • Explore Stark Industries
  • Unleash more hero powers
  • The forces of Galactus descend
  • Enter the knockout

2. Bug Fixes in Fortnite Creative:

Bug Fixes are always necessary. Sometimes Fortnite bugs can really get on players’ nerves as it can sometimes cause the game to crash. Fortnite does take note of these issues and works to fix them in their updates. 

Fortnite has fixed these bugs for Season 4 in the v14.10 patch:

  • Gameplay Bug Fixes
  • Weapons and Items Bug Fixes
  • Creative Tools and Phone Bug Fixes
  • Prefabs and Galleries Bug Fixes
  • Devices Bug Fixes

3. Save the world- Homebase Status Report:

It’s that time of year where Homebase’s halls are feeling a little… ghostly! Grab your pumpkins, your spice, and let’s dive into everything nice for this year’s haunted festivities. 

Here’s a rundown of what’s coming over the next 3 weeks-

  • WEEK 1 – Fortnitemares Returns For This Season!
  • WEEK 2 – Your Next Great Venture!
  • WEEK 3 – The Black Blade Returns!

WEEK 1– Fortnitemares Returns For This Season!

  • Dungeons Return!
  • Swamp Knight Rises!
  • Mermonster Ken Returns From The Depths!
  • New Save The World Pack!
  • Ragnarok Returns
  • Fortnitemares Llama
  • Jack-O-Launcher

WEEK 2– Your Next Great Venture!

  • Hexsylvania Venture Season!
  • The Fortnitemares Questline Returns!
  • Dusk Brings The Siphon!
  • Plague Doctor Igor Is Back!

WEEK 3– The Black Blade Returns!

Leap to the Husks and show them who’s Ghost Boss Material with the darkest of dark… blade of blades! A large sword with moderate damage and high impact is yours for the taking.

4. Item Shop Design Test

Starting today, we’re testing a new look for the Item Shop. During this test, some players may see a new design for the Item Shop. The items and prices of the Item Shop are exactly the same for everyone no matter which design you see — it’s only the display that is different!

Check out the full details are here

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